Is it always necessary to send an original draft?
We request an original draft or certified copy only in the case of official document translations which are to be submitted to governments and other authorities. This is to ensure the translation is carried out based on the true information. It is not necessary to send the original copy for quotation. It can be sent by fax or e-mail after being scanned. A photocopy is also acceptable for quotation purpose. However, we request an original copy or certified copy be sent for confirmation purpose and such documents will be returned to the sender by postal mail after completion of the confirmation. JMC will keep the information confidential at all time.
How long does it take to do translation?
It depends on the contents and volume of the draft. A document consisting of a few pages can be translated and delivered in a day. Translation fee and delivery time estimation will be quoted based on the draft or samples. Please tell us if you have any specific requirements on the delivery schedule.
How can I pay?
Details for settlement will be included in your quotation. Payment by bank transfer, check, bank order are acceptable. Internet banking is especially convenient in many cases. Payment in foreign currency is also accepted. Please contact us if you have any special requirement.
Is it safe to send a draft by e-mail?
E-mail is very convenient. There is, however, a risk of interception by a third party. In order to secure the confidentiality and safety of communication on internet, JMC has employed an encryption communication system called PGP. This method has been widely used globally and it is considered to be one of the most hard-to-break encryption systems. Please tell us beforehand if you wish to use an encrypted communication.